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   Owner of Aurora Web Effects (AWE), Simon Tann (Stann to his friends) now lives and works in and around Perth, Western Australia.

   Since Web Design is a secondary, but very important job for him, AWE's prices are very competitive. In fact AWE's prices were found to be half of the cost of a well known UK design house (something that the owner of Capital Packaging and Process was very pleased about!).



Aurora Web Effects are able to offer the following services:

  • Web Site Design including:
    • HTML / DHTML
    • JavaScript
    • VB / VB Script
    • Active Server Pages (ASP)
    • Shockwave Flash
    • Perl / CGI Programming


  • Graphic Design including:
    • Scanning
    • Photo Touch Ups
    • Photography
    • Original Artwork
    • 3D Imagery
    • Animation (.GIF, .JPG,.MPG,.AVI, Shockwave Flash)



Live 3D, Learn 3D & Avatars 2000 (Flash)
Live 3D, Learn 3D & Avatars 2000 (HTML)

Capital Packaging and Process

Riverton Wood Mouldings

Packaging Machinery Services

Contact Information:

Simon Tann
E-mail Address:
Postal Address:

4 Guinivere Way,
Western Australia.

+61 0407 470 970.


   Additionally, you may visit the Aurora Web Effects Web Site for more information and a demonstration of the skills at Simons fingertips.

And Finally:

   Aurora Web Effects would like to take this opportunity to thank Kate for the use of her server in this, and every other site that Our Internet has hosted for AWE.

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