Your Site Design Tips        

Tips to help you make the most of your own designed site


  • Simple and clean.  Don't put too much information on one page.   You can design multiple pages to hold all of your information.

  • Use one set of navigational links for your site.  Under your main links put sub links to make it easier on your visitor.

  • Design for your target audience.  Putting Music and other content might require other plug-ins for your visitor to download.  Pick and choose wisely.  Some people might not stick around to see your site if it takes to long to load or if they need something special to see it.

  • Remember it is your site, but always be humble enough to ask someone else's opinion.  You can learn a lot from others.



  • .jpg or .gif images will work on browsers.  You will need an image editor to help you in your quest.  Ulead Photo Impact is a great program for the Beginner to Master, Adobe PhotoShop/Illustrator is more for the intermediate user (and more pricey).  Smart saver will help you compress your images to a small file size and speed up your loading times.  JASC's paint shop pro is shareware and very inexpensive but also another great program.

  • Photo images are best saved as .jpg files.

  • Non-photo images are best saved as .gif files.

  • Remember your graphics will make or break your site.  If you think it will take too long to load try to design something else that will make the cut.

Shopping Carts & Secure Servers:

  • If you plan to have any sales on your website you will need the use of a secured server.  You do not want to take orders where you accept credit cards if you do not have it secured.  That is just asking for trouble.  

  • There are some hosting companies that give free use of their secured shopping carts that will run separately from your website and they also offer upgraded support for a nominal fee.  These carts are pre-configured and very easy to use.  If you don't have the money to go full e-commerce this would be your best opportunity.

  • If you want to go full e-commerce with online verification of credit cards keep in mind you will have to pay a banking institution a percentage fee, plus a gateway fee for the processing.  This can become rather expensive and can cut into your overall profit if you do it too early.  Credit cards can be taken over the internet and processed manually by you in your store through your bank you already have.  Make sure you check with your bank about rules they have about online transactions.   I plan to add more to this section in the future, until then if you have any questions please email us and ask.  Don't hesitate, we will point you in the right direction for your needs.

Design & Resource Links - More Links to Come Soon!

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  • Merchant Order Form (Licensing Fee $15)
  • E-Commerce Merchant (Not Free)
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  • Shareware
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